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A Warning to Authors

The books’ pages flutter in my hand
As fragile as broken butterfly wings
Easily to be torn
The books’ binding lays heavily in my hand
Dry as a dragon's tongue
Easily to be lit with flame
Its rotten words fade as glass
Disappearing into nothing out of view
I cut myself on broken worlds that I have never seen,
Never been,
Never will.
I will never be whole again.
Thanks to the knives of characters’ death
which still are with me today
I will never forget
Those who have lead me down this terrible path
Have given me hope to continue through the pain
And horrors yet to come
I will seek revenge
Like the knight for the dragon
Like the lover for the other
I will seek revenge
And I will find it
Heed this warning, dear authors who have broken my heart
Time and time again
Heed this warning, dear authors who have betrayed me
For you will die as you killed me
By wand, by poison, by sword
I loved them
And now you have killed them
No one realizes the suffering I am in every day
A secret world tucked into paper and leather and thread
That I will destroy
But… I can’t
I love them to much…
I strive to create my own worlds
Drama and war to spare
I will make others suffer
And love it
Worlds will burn under my eternal hand
Kingdoms will come crashing
Villages will be destroyed
I will get my revenge  
This is my promise
Beware, readers… I have come to rule this poor and forsaken land

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