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They laid.
Hand and hand,
the sailboat swaying rhythmically,
the sea softly churning,
beneath them.
She read,
about fantasy and adventure.
He sung,
softly to himself,
his free hand,
intertwined with her hair.
She poked him,
gently in his side,
he smiled,
and nestled closer.
They stayed silent,
glancing at each other,
talking only occasionally.
rolled in,
blue skies,
wholly engulfed,
by a raging darkness.
The rain hammered down,
The waves crashing,
an unyielding severity,
hitting the boat.
There they were,
above it all.
Floating in pure ecstasy,
with only an anchor,
tethering them to reality.
To existence.

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kategirl123 said...
today at 8:33 pm
Wow Caitlin! Thanks for sharing! What an eye-opening piece of literary genius! Hope to hear more from you in the future!
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