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I am a slender spider,
Entwined within my silky cobweb,
I embrace my dew-speckled creation,
And as the sun trickles down,
It shrouds me in dazzles of vibgyor,
As I twist hither, and thither
Basking in the effulgent glow of colour,
Beginning to unwind
Thrusting myself into a rainbow world
And while flies buzz by,
The leaves cascade down,
The world seems like a confused haze,
And scattered swirls of colour,
As I bask in the effulgent glow of colour,
Beginning to unwind,
Thrusting myself into an ethereal rainbow world
And gently, as the sun dapples my beady eyes,
With the brightest gold,
I jerk back into my senses,
And quivering in astonishment,
I shed my cloaks of vibgyor,
And reeling under harsh blows,
After being thrust out of my blissful dream,
I guard my labyrinth of silk,
With the air of the Minotaur
For, I thrive in a world which is ever so cruel,
And ever so hostile,
Skidding into a world of colour, to escape from this one
Would surely be ever so puerile,

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