Her Words of Malice

November 4, 2016

Her Words of Malice eat at me

Chapped lips looking for words to say, 

All I have are uneven breaths to give. 


Anger swells in her and Her Words of Malice

tumble out


I try to take in air but her hot tongue is all I breathe;

I am suffocating. 


An endless greed to have the last word

Not recognizing the pain, 

that comes after.



We do not mean, 

Meaning to patch the crackling air inbetween

but I still cannot breathe.


My lungs are a water balloon,

Drowning and filling at the same time

expanding with Her Words of Malice and occupied by my tears;



is what I feel. 

An endless cycle of blame each time 

wrapping its steel-cold arms around me



A mask of tender embrace when under the surface 

Her Words of Malice cause me an insufferable ache. 



although that guilts me too, 

there is only so much water that fits in a balloon

Until Her Words of Malice

Make me


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