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The boat-girl stood under the pillar, drenched in glistening perspiration
Her lips quivering like a leaf in the gentle breeze,
Tears of remorse trickled down her cheeks, as she tried to call out
To the boy she fancied
Her larynx emitted a crackle, as she clutched two wooden oars
And gestured towards her boat,
He pressed two coins into her work roughened palm,
And stepped inside delightedly,
Her heart hurled itself against her chest, as:
She looked into his solemn grey eyes
He wrenched himself away from her gaze, and stared at the setting sun
The blue sky was bathed in a mixture of crimson and orange
Her hands trembled, as the oars slipped from her clammy fingers,
The boat lurched dangerously, as the sea rumbled menacingly
He clasped her trembling hand, and spoke to her
Yet, his words crashed against her soundless eardrums
They bobbed up and down, as a thundering wave dragged them in,
Uniting them in the netherworld

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