October 1, 2016
By , Mumbai, India

It's happening so soon

But has been graduallly increasing since the month of June

I've felt this before and I feel it again,

My sky is grey and all it does is rain.


When we first got to know each other

All i thought was "Nothing could be better"

Months seem to end in a couple of seconds,

I don't like that now it's being hard to just be friends.


Sometimes, I wish things would've turned out different

Never will I ever forget the times together that we spent

So many things that run through my mind all day,

You're on it most; don't know how long it'll remain this way.


Oh how I want to tell you about how I feel

How vulnerable I was, to let you my heart steal

Even after trust issues of every kind have been broken,

I don't think every thought has still been spoken.


I think it's time to let go

No longer can I go with the flow

Thank you for ignoring me some days ago or few,

Because that taught me how to not miss you.

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