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Watch Me

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I built my walls of sand and salt

They stood tall around me, but you had to be the ocean.

When your tides came they disolved to nothing,

left me bare.

You saw me

as I am

twisted up, warped to inner disfunction

broken elbows, scraped knees,

sore tendons, and

black bruises on a mangled heart.

Alone in this visible silence

and with the sand gone I could breathe.

You saw me, every lie, every "I'm okay" and "I'm fine"

You broke the foundation

of my unfinished facade

You saw every winter,

every tear, every shattering grasp at breath.

Every sidewalk crack, in the darkness of my skin.

You saw me walk with ice in my bones,

laugh with acid in my veins.

You watched me hold on for dear life

as I lost to myself again.

You knew,

every miniscule detail.

You knew,

every secret,

overwheming and threatening to swallow

whats left of my soul.

I reached for you,

because I saw you too,

and you stood there

and you watched me.

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