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By , Fort Kent, ME

you cannot change anything you’ve done. it is as simple and saddening as that. you will never be able to take back that one time you caught a movie instead of having dinner with your grandparents to find out the next day, your grandmother passed. you’ll never be able to take back that one occasion when you stared too long at the brown eyed boy and gained miserable feelings for him, that never can be distinguished, like those phony birthday candles where you huff and puff and the flame remains dancing in the dark. in that sense, mistakes stay on your conscience forever, and just like tattoos on your skin, you will be judged and misinterpreted for them as long as air enters and leaves your lungs. there will always be one girl who looks at you, with those eyes we all know so well and stare right into your soul, your past. the girl who smiles to your face and laughs behind your back. there is a simple reason she stands behind you though, if people like her continue to relish in your mistakes, they need to be left behind. if she cannot look at you with pride because of how much soul you’ve gained since then, she’s just a ghost. if she cannot understand that nothing that occurs can be changed, she will forever remain in your past with that puppy dog of a boy.

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