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A Day in My Life

Woke up

Rolled reluctantly out of bed

Dragged myself downstairs

Checked my phone, nothing new

Ate some eggs, drank some tea

Turned on the news

2 bombings, 9 dead

Theories everywhere

Went upstairs, got dressed

Cleaned myself up

Caught the bus just in time

Short right to school

Greetings to friends in the halls

Hello! How’s it going? Hi! How was your weekend?

Empty conversations to pass the time

Speaking broken French in French class

Ethan Frome in English, makes me oddly happy

Pop quiz in math: solid B

Steals glances at cute boy in history

Remind myself he’s not worth it

He doesn’t know what he’s talking about

And wears too much cologne

Lunch time, crappy cafeteria food

Jokes with friends, temporary mirth

PE. Too tired to run.

Hid from gym teacher

Back to the bus

At home, took a nap

Dinner time.

“How was your day?”

“It was good.”

Turned on the news

It was probably terrorism

Election 2016, what a bunch of idiots

Homework and study

Some music for the soul

Collapses on bed, can’t sleep

Too many thoughts, hopes, fears.

Does any of it matter at all?
Slowly drifting away.

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