Death's Shadow

September 20, 2016
By Anonymous

It came as a shadow,
a cloud of darkness,
from what I recall
It was as night and black as it,
and by and through it pain came, gripping, when it was looked at especially
The death, I mean,
and so it clung horribly to you and the persons around and changed
And it was odd
It was odd indeed, though not a good odd,
for what shadow of night does one deem as good
if they are light?
None, I’d think
But, this death was not necessarily a thing of evil, of bad,
though hurt may be a symptom of its effects on a person,
and so that person plagued by its darkness
And this death may change the heart,
turn the vivacious, pure and golden soul of one into a root of shadowed
actions, feelings, and features that one is likely to shy away from,
and so loneliness and sorrow engulf the person,
overwhelming their being and taking them from life and goodness,
draining their joy and cheer,
making their life seemingly dull and meaningless
But why, might I ask,
is this lifelessness allowed,
this death made to happen,
for God has forced this occurrence,
though it brings about the feeling of melancholy?
So, why is it so?
Is it not grace,
does all things not happen for something?
For surely we are not accidental,
as some may say,
for in His mighty eyes we are priceless things,
for why else would such a God as ours send His Son to die?
But this leaving of a tainted mind and perhaps soul and heart from death,
how does one escape the night’s grasping hands,
the cruel fingers grabbing at our bodies,
making us distraught and illogical,
poisoned by this blight
Well, what is there to say but this,
trust in Christ and you will find life and peace and goodness in the dark,
for dawn will come and knock and stay by your hearth,
if you so allow,
and so I urge you to

The author's comments:

For the glory of my most holy LORD and Savior Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God.

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