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Easier this way

I walk the halls,

talking and laughing

Like i always do,

Like i always have.

But the only thing is,

I’m missing you.

You’re still here at school,

Just not by my side.

You’ll never know it,

But alone i cry.

I’d never let you know,

You don’t deserve my tears.

So when i walk by

I do my best to try

To ignore you altogether,

Even though my friends give you glares

I just keep on staring

Straight ahead as i walk.

For we no longer laugh,

And we no longer talk.

I don’t even glance at you

Just keep walking by.

But more than once i’ve

Caught you looking my way.

You probably just think,

That im an absolute b****.

But the reality is,

I’m just trying not to hit

That usual wall of sadness,

I get when i do

Say hi or smile,

Or even look at you.

So i just keep on walking,

Its easier this way.

If i just don’t look

At you or your way.

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