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The way she is

She is beautiful, but in many odd ways.

Her home, is not here. It is hours away, I'd love to visit, to see how it created her, it must be beautiful. She doesn't find this place repulsive, but not quite as beautiful as her home. I wish to visit with her someday, to see her act naturally and free.

Her hair, is the color of copper. It has soft golden strands of when she was forced to have put in. She hates it, but I think it gives a whimsical play to the ends of her hair.

Her freckles, are the color of bright, shiny, pennies. The copper color of old ones doesn't do them justice, hers are vibrant and spot everywhere. She wants to remove them, but I want to kiss everyone of them.

Her eyes, my God, her eyes. They change hues of blue and green. They have the prettiest, light vibrant blue with mixes of an odd green. Some days they pop with the liveliness of her persona and other days they are the color of a mellow lake.

Her persona is quite lovely. To describe it is do no harm, but do not put up with anything. She is bubbly and adorable.

Her cheeks, flush with a hot pink hue when she is excited, and a deep red when exercising or embarrassed.

She's amazing.

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