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Stop and think

By , london, KY

Don't you think it's somewhat boring and unoriginal to write about what you love ?

unless, of course, it's a person. Then it's perfectly fine.


Isn't somewhat strange that we can be anything we want, but if we are only in it for enjoyment and not some past that led up to it, it's not good enough?

unless, of course, it's a model, then it's okay because you're too pretty to have any thoughts in your head


Doesn't it make you feel terrible that my little sister cries because she's fat, but in reality she just doesn't have a six pack and a stomach so flat you can eat off of it? That a small girl I know would take off her favorite handband if someone didn't like it, so she'd be prettier? 


Do you feel something, knowing that my best friend hates the fact her skin isn't completely flawless because she has a medical condition and she'd pick and scratch till her skin brought blood? 


Do do you even flinch knowing that you curse me because my father abused me, but it's not his fault? Do you flinch at the fact I was "asking for it" when a boy would ask me for sex? 


No, you don't, because in society, what we love and who we are doesn't matter


only who has what and what she looks like 

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