Fire in the Sky

September 11, 2016
By , Eaton, CO

The air went cold,
it felt like death,
the darkest night,
it took my breath
Death and demolition came,
a great metal bird destroyed its nest
So where was rest then,
and why did we turn,
why did we say “pray” then,
when it all began to burn
It all came down,
there was fire in the sky,
theses great and mighty towers
now to them we say goodbye
But it's not so much them
as the builders of these fortresses inside
The makers of these refuges reaching to the heavens fell,
and so we cry
Why is God a real thing now,
why is He not pretend
We chose a dark road of wrong,
and now to what end,
and this question now is also begged,
is this God-sent
And now some sad and mislead souls say
“No, it could not be!”
But is this not with Israel
what we’ve also seen
And now I’ll say
“and now” again,
because now we grieve,
we weep,
we sob again

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