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By , Spring, TX

The pearly stones in the yard I walk,
The moon a silver plate in a beckoning sky.
And the orchestra of cicadas play songs
I’ve never heard before.

I’m from the lights in New York City
From Pennsylvania and the Hollywood dream
From snow, glitter crackling underneath my skis
And Colorado stars like diamonds on a black velvet sky.

I’m from the stairs that squealed as I stepped
So I climbed on the railings to honor the quiet.
An only child
In a kingdom of silence.

I’m from years of hiding
Nobody saw the jars of tears
And my shattered heart on the ground right in front of them
And the inner sadness I was faced with every day
Locked in a depression.

But I’m also from the phoenix
That rose from the dust.
I’m giving up on you.

I’m from years of practice
Watching, waiting for my moment to leap
The tingling of my feet
As I jump, and the trail is all my own.

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