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By , Spring, TX

Our little masquerade continues
After the ball has ended
And the plates are put away again
And rivalries are mended,

We leave the ball, our masks intact,
Still plastered on our face,
To protect us from the world they made-
The world that fell from grace.

Our little masquerade has ended
But continues for the coward
The guards that guard the gates of Hell
Loom and tower, watch me cower.

Our masquerade is at its end,
But not the smile on my face.
I end this life, I end this strife
In a deep and dark doomsday.

Our little party is at its end,
And our finest chefs go home.
The band packs up its instruments
And we are all alone

But our smiles light the world on fire
Our life is grim and gray
We never let them see it,
We dance and shout and say:

Our lives are ending quickly
And I don’t know what to do
Please let me take this mask off
Because I’m scared as Hell like you.

We clear the tables quickly
Clean them all of their debris,
We take our bloody masks off,
Finally, we can see.

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