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By , Spring, TX

Welcome to the world, angels of righteousness
Angels of innocence,

Everything is unclear,
But we don’t mind
Draped over us-a shroud of detachment.

We swim in our simplicity
We quietly, unknowingly, mock the ones who grew up too fast.

Then, our blankets fade away.
Our feet touch the earth for the first time.
Our eyes see the world for the first time.
But we are still perfectly human,
And we mock the ones who grew up too fast.

Then, like a cold wind, reality whips us forward.
We are broken, shattered,
Monsters in a foreign land.

Nothing makes sense in our world of uncertainty,
We are the roots of a hurricane.

We transform into disaster,
We are forced into black and white
Ad they suck the color out.
Shriveled, weak, we stand together
And apart.
We rebel against our cages.
We are human.
We are monsters.
We are fallen angels
And our wings shatter like broken glass on the cold, hard ground.
And we remember wistfully,
Our quiet of simplicity.

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