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Dawning of an Era

By , Spring, TX

It’s midnight. I sit up, awake,
The dawning of something new engulfed the night.

Moonlight drowned my palace garden when I stepped out, in only my robe and bare feet.
Silver leaves glistened off silver trees
And silver birds sang their silver song
But only the cold could be heard in this epic world that was mine.

But this sanctum lacked one element,
Lost one right.
The magic had seeped out of my fingers like grains of rice
And the pillars of my castle turned to sand.
In an instant, dawn began.

I had lost my kingdom forever.

It’s daytime.
I trudge my way through the palace ruins
Where darkness tears the ground.
A sunkissed girl in a ghost town.

But so beautiful was my kingdom, in a way,
And I held my breath, held the ruins in my hands.
Only I knew that nothing would ever be the same.

And me, I was crumbling.
Perfect injustice,
Simple insanity
Were all that was left of my once brilliant invention.

And waiting
Pounding, my heart in my throat,
I gasp and shudder.
And divided I stand,
Trapped in the dawning of an era.

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