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By , Spring, TX

You fail 100% of the chances you don’t take.
But what happens
When you fail 100% of the chances you do?
“Failure,” they call you, stomp at your feet, laugh at you,
Push you up against the lockers so hard every hair on your neck stands up.
“Failure!” they call you, and show you their meanest grins
And dance around you
And laugh as you cover your ears from the sound of
It won’t be long before you realize that

But you’re not.

Because you have no choice but to walk with pain in every step
Walk with doubt on your shoulders
Weighing you down.

Because you have no choice but to hold back tears.
Because every time you fall
You have no choice but to get back up again
And survive.

So no,
You are not a failure.
No one is.

Even though they laugh at you
And circle you
And pick at you until you’re sore
They do it to mask their own pain.
See, everyone is so broken that we never realize that
No one else is whole.

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