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By , Spring, TX

“Mommy, I’m broken.”
“Stop being dramatic.
You’re just a little
Attention addict.”

“Daddy, I’m broken.”
Quit acting this way.
I’m sick and tired
Of not knowing what to say.”

“Mommy, I’m broken.”
“Quit being so sad.
Before you know it,
You’ll drive yourself mad.”

“Daddy, I’m broken.”
“Sit still and stop lying.
Your life’s pretty great,
Please stop all your crying.”

“Mommy, I’m broken.”
“That’s it, we’re taking you
To professionals,
They’ll know what to do.”

“Therapist, I’m broken.”
“Let’s see about that.
Nope, just a phase, stop being a doormat.
Everything will be just fine,
But be careful of your road in time.”

“Mom, I’m so broken
But do you truly care?
‘Cause it’s like you’re not
Even partially there.”

“Dad, I’m broken.
My head is a mess.
You’re always on business.
Dad, you’re the best.”

Now I’m broken and crying
Shattered inside.
Nobody knows
That I want to die.

Eyes downcast and filmy,
I play make believe,
Where I have a perfect

Because I’m so tired
And it’s like all they see
Is that my brain is just wired

And I am so sad,
I just want to be gone.
But I have to fake it,
Pretend nothing is wrong.

And in the middle of the night
My mouth full of sand
I went for the pills
But here I still stand.

My heart died that night.
And it took me so long
To see the light.

Mom, thanks for seeing
Something was wrong
Even though
It took you so long.

Dad, thanks for trying.
And for stopping me
In the middle of the night
I owe you eternity.

Mom, Dad, you don’t lie
Things do get good
But if it weren’t for you
They never would.

Guys, thanks so much
I’ll stop calling your bluff.
Your love never ends
And I’ll never have enough.

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