The monstrous me.

September 9, 2016
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I was trapped inside my own head,

I had eyes that would show me the face of my abuser

In the mirror every day.


I was Trapped in a clam-like shell,

Forced to live in a burning hell

When I opened my eyes and looked into that cursed mirror.


I just hated the idea of me,

Fat, geeky,



A monster with sunken eyes,

Deep rib cages, 

Bones protruding from every joint.

A monster poked out from within.


A mirror cannot lie,

It sees it as it is

And tells you what it sees.


But your eyes are devilish decievers. 

They will pick up only what you think,

And forget to actually see.


They will overlook your beauty
And bypass your talents.

And your eyes only see skin deep.


I gave up

With noticing the monsterous me.

I gave up and decided to look at... Me.





I closed my eyes

And took a deep breath,

And counted back from ten...

And that is when

I opened my eyes again.


I looked into the mirror that has taunted me for so long

And looked deep into the picture staring back at me

And smiled, geting a smile back.


"You are beautiful,

And no longer need me,"

The mirror said. 

So I tossed it to the curb

And never again saw that abuser smiling back at me, 

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