2am phone call

September 9, 2016

"he won't be up." I thought, staring at his bare, simple-minded name in my phone's contact book.

but yet i called, and put the cold, unfamiliar phone to my face.

it rung once.

i promised myself i'd never call again.


i found somebody better. 

three times.

somebody who loved me as much as i loved them.

four times.

but yet, if it came down to it,

five times.

i'd still choose you.

"hi," your warm voice husked. "leave a message."

the bare, ominous silence crackle at both ends of the reciever covered the wounded silence.

"im sorry." i whispered.


"im sorry for what i did."

i had done nothing.

"im sorry for hurting you."

you were the one to hurt me.

"call me back, please."

i did something wrong.

"i love you."

nobody would treat someone like this for no reason.

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