September 4, 2016


Races hate other races,
Just for that
Animosity, rancor, terrible loathing
See the dark and  dreadful looks in their eyes
See the hatred just for that
Just for their culture, just for the color of their skin
They war against each other, and the other one belittles the opposing side
But why oppose?
Why hate so long for nothing but a hue?
Nothing but a color causes us to fight, to burn against the other, battling incessantly
Just for that we’re cruel
Just for that we murder, with our words and with our hands
These ideas and thoughts put upon us, and we just take them in
What a wicked people that we would do that
Does it really matter the color of our skin?
All of us our flesh and blood,
skin and bones,
knit together by  God
For it is a minor variance, the color of our skin,
For we are all broken,
Broken by our sin

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