You Did So

September 2, 2016
By , Eaton, CO

My lips had quivered,
body trembled,
tears ran down my face
I stood up tall,
I took a stand,
but laughter from their mouths had ran
Where was my courage then,
where were the words to speak,
how could I, a man,
get them to God seek
I had no words,
my lips were shut,
my tongue seemed swollen and tied up
Lacking fear I did not,
and this made me ever so distraught
I cried to You for words,
my King,
for opening of  lips,
and freeing of my tongue
And You did so fantastically,
this made them hush drastically,
and so I praise Your name
The words had come,
my lips unsealed,
my tongue untied,
and so the love of Jesus could be revealed

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