I Hope

August 28, 2016

Rising up,
the crashing waves,
where is love and good and faith
All the darkness closed on down,
a shadow showing,
moving smiles to frowns
Where is kindness,
where is light,
why have we turned to such blight
And now it’s come,
it’s here right now,
and do we even stop to pray, to bow
No, for we have forsaken good,
we have left what for once we stood
Morals left to die,
void are we and full of lies
Hope and peace has left our hearts,
as if we’ve never known it,
sun and day has turned to dark and night
as if we’ve always done this
But will we stand against this night,
will this twilight of hearts we fight
I long and urge and hope we do,
I hope we turn to You

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