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The Seven Sins

By , Ithaca, NY

The House of Lust:
Rich velvets, silks, satin, maroons, moans and sighs
Twisted bodies, candlelight, wax, and hot happy lies
Sweat shining, hearts beating fast, tangled in a knot, sensuous cries
The House of Gluttony:
Sweetness and spice, geese dripping gold, syrup dribbling down chins
Gulping and swallowing, silver forks dropping
Fat fists grasping greasy wings, wrappers swallowing the floor
The House of Greed:
Oriental carpets, gold chandeliers, fine china teacups, an antique vase
Hoards of coins falling through jewel-gilded pearl marked hands
Stolen treasures stack upon the floor, exotic animal heads line the walls
The House of Sloth:
A two-hundred thread count, clouds of plump feather pillows
Sleeping bodies snoring, pale blue dreams, a lullaby always playing
Softening fleshy bodies which are never moving again
The House of Wrath:
Raging fires, burning coals, cackling howls, twirls of laughing smokes
Gleeful grins, tissue pounded onto the floor, organs spilling
In a fury, painting themselves with blood, guts, and gore
The House of Envy:
Peacocks strut with resentful looks and feathers out, rumors toss and turn
Stepstools, ladders, everyone trying to climb higher and higher
Every night drowns in a competition of tears, as everyone covets all
The House of Pride:
Mirrors cover the walls, podiums ready with smug smiles that never stop smirking
Rolled-out red carpets, poised pens, preening people pose
Cameras flash, thunderous applause is heard, forever and ever

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