Best Friend

When you used to be my best friend,
We’d stay up all night long to talk.
The stars would light as day would end;
Hands after midnight on the clock.

Did we not share secrets, confide?
Sister, you were my other side.
Now you distance yourself from me,
I cry with tears you do not see.


Why say you, you have no true friends?
Am I but a sunset, faded?
I wish you’d try to make amends,
Our relationship is jaded.


Why tell you, lies straight to my face?
Best friend, I know you way too well;
Hurting, you’ve taken too much space.
You think that only time can tell.


I can’t hate you; why? I don’t know.
You’re so unique, like falling snow. 
It’s quiet here, I miss you now.
Please find a way––come back somehow.

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