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Constantly Changing

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Attracting forces come and go.
It’s the way of the world.
One minute you’re here,
the next minute you’re there.
There’s no way to stop it.
We move on.

Constantly Changing.


It’s beautiful,
the way time works.
You’re never trapped in one moment.
You can never repeat those exact feelings,
those thoughts,
those movements.

Time: constantly changing.


The most beautiful moments fade fastest,
but that’s ok,
because with ever dying moment,
a prettier one is born.

Moments: constantly changing. 


We still have memories.
It’s not as good as the real thing.
We learn from them though.
So we can get even better,

even stronger, and even braver.

Mind, body, and soul: constantly changing.


Yes, we are Constantly Changing.

Always, we are Constantly Changing.

Forever, we are Constantly Changing.

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