anywhere but here

August 19, 2016

i only like myself when i'm drinking or dreaming
in dreams, i float
sugar veins pump glucose and verve from my wet hair to my knob-like toes
pastel tabs dissolve in warm mouths like dewdrops on burgeoning blossoms
i tear holes in your shirts and leave you hanging like thick winter coats on rusted hooks
in dreams, i stand in the light and i am not afraid
i capture reality's shadow and slip it in my back pocket
dancing and perspiring with trolls and imps who pack thick lips and carry a heady scent
they are meaningless and i kiss them all and bite holes in their cheeks
my brain is wading in pools of tonic and i will not allow it to come up for air
it leaks out of my ears and drips down my neck
everything is melted in puddles
memories splashed across hot black concrete from the jumping boy in clunky wellies
the earth could soak me up and id kiss the dirt and say thank you
happily be swallowed by the barren expanse
graciously be washed up on another shore in another dimension

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