Last Fall Ago

August 20, 2016
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I no longer walk down the halls anymore
Since it all happened last fall ago
We were just friends back then, but you’ve changed ever since
Whatever happened to that nice guy you used to be
Playing around, acting all goofy and just chilling with me

It all started last fall ago, when you started acting up
skipping school like a fool, whatever happened to the true you
You don’t notice them, but they see it too
sometimes they talk about it, they do
But no one cares or cringes, and no one weeps or listens

It all happened last fall ago when you started averting your eyes
looking down below, thinking there’s a pot of gold
Wanting to hide in shady places, convincing it’s the safest
I turn and leave, from behind I hear you scream
With fury and rage you push me against the cold steel locker behind me

What you did to me that day, last fall ago
I tremble and cry, this is why I hide
I’m trying to avoid you, but you’re always in the void

It all started last fall ago
When I started to carry Margo

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