My Name is Invisible

August 22, 2016

My name is "invisible,"

My lips sealed shut.

My face you can't see,

I hid from it all.

You ask who I am,

I run from your words.

But although I ran,

You still gave up.

You gave up on me,

You didn't keep trying.

I'm a "lost cause,"

"There's no point in trying"

No reason to talk to me,

No reason to try.

No point in helping me,

You didn't even want to.

I'm shy and I'm quiet,

But when did you ever care?

I made mistakes,

I hid from the world. 

But don't make the mistake-

Of ignoring people like me.

Don't forget us,

The ones without words.

Don't forget us,

We're still people.

Don't forget us,

We hate to be forgotten.

Don't forget me-

When I just wanted your friendship.

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