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Star Crossed Love

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He saw her.
She bewitched him.
He liked her.
She surrendered to him.
Both were lost
In a dilemma
Whether to live or
Whether to die
Someone caught them
While making love
Hiding in bushes
They thought about them
Who were they?
The wrath of their parents or
The society who had broken more dreams than anyone else.

Years passed by
She met him again
But not on globe
They used to live
But in some heavenly place
She talked of romance
He listened to her carefully
She was
Not only his angel
But also her parents’
He was also an angel
Not only hers’
But also of his parents’

After a while their lives flashed
Before their parents’ eyes
Reminding them
Of their love

They could have lived
If their parents’ ego was not bigger than their dreams
Now the lonely parents cherished the memories of their children
The know they loved them
But it was too late
Too late
To bring back their children from heaven
If only they knew that suicide was inevitable

Children were happy in heaven
They talked to each other a lot
But little did they know while living
That their love was star crossed.



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