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Even though we once had a fight that was so tragic that aligning stars seemed to fall out of place
I still believe that you deserve every single star that exists in the universe

Even though you made me feel as worthless as an old toy
I still believe that you are worth the most in my life

And even though you broke my heart over and over with your words like a sledgehammer
I still believe that you have the ability to mend it with your kindness

Even though when you’re sad you pretend I don’t exist like a fantasy
I still believe that you will feel so much ecstasy that it’ll feel unreal

Even though you did all that to me think you’re terrible like every thought in your mind
I still believe that one day you’ll forgive yourself like I was able to forgive you

And even though people say that we’re poisonous like snakes to each other
I will always know that you’re my best friend and that I love you like my twin

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