Years Past

July 12, 2016
By Demonslayer GOLD, Naperville, Illinois
Demonslayer GOLD, Naperville, Illinois
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I’m in over my head.


The years rush through my trembling fingers

      And leave me miles behind, devastated in the dirt

      With nothing but hollow echoes of the shallow life I used to live;


The feeling of doubt crushes my heart

      And chokes me of the confidence

      I had never needed this desperately until now.


It’s all catching up to me.

      All the days I thoughtlessly discarded,

      All the moments I squandered away until

            Only an empty well reeking of regret remained -


So now I’m drowning

      In the torrents of my own failure

So now I’m ripped to shreds

      And my paper-thin pieces scattered into the mournful wind...


I’m in over my head.

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