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Hate and Love are Holding Hands

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I hate you because I hate to love you

For you love me, even though I hate myself


You just don't think that I love to hate you

And I also hate how the hell you could love yourself

While still around me


"Go away!"

I swear I'll hurt you!

Hate me like the rest of them!

Is that understood? Is it not clear?

Do you hate me now?"


Of course not

Because you love me

You love my flaws as I hate my all

You love how me, the Epitome of Hate

holds hands with you on the bus to school

I hate school and hate holding hands

But you love hand-to-hand contact

For your the Epitome of Love

And you love massaging the lines on my palm


You really love that I glare at you,

but don't pull back my hand.


I hate to be alone

And if there is one thing you hate,

it's that you'll hate for me to be without love


You tell me you hate to be alone

You hate school. You hate yourself except in

These moments where we hold hands

I don't understand.

It's not really clear.

I clench my teeth.


"Why don't you hate me?"


Maybe it's clear that I'm your Epitome of Love

But there's plenty of things I don't love

(actually hate, even)

And I what I hate the most is 


"I would hate for you to be without love, too."


So, is it that you hate me because you hate to love me

For I love you, even though you hate yourself?


Then suddenly, we kiss

And I can't tell the difference

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