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Wish For You

By , Sumter, SC

Being trusted by you makes me happy.

Feeling like you believe me,

when I tell you that I love you,

and care about you,

and will always be here for you.

I’m so jealous,

of everyone that has ever gotten to see you.

The most sincere,


vulnerable parts of you.

Especially when those people have let you down,

and hurt you.

I want every piece of you,

even the dark, painful, 3am pieces.

I don’t trust anyone else,

not with your heart,

or your thoughts,

or your soul.

But you’ll be hurt so many more times,

by people that never deserved to see you.

I’ll watch you learn,

and grow,

and explore,

and I’ll do the same.


know that you have a home with me,

no matter what.

You can trust me with anything.

I love you,

and even in thirty years,

when we haven’t spoken in ages,

and we're both married,

I’ll always wonder about you.

and I'll always wish for you.

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