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Every Time

By , Sumter, SC

Every memory with you means something to me,

every time we walked under the autumn leaves,

kicking rocks,

and every time we walked through the halls together,

with our arms linked,

and every time we laughed at things no one else caught,

and every time we sat together,

in comfortable silence,

appreciating each other’s company,

and every time we held hands,

and every time we ate lunch together,

and every time we didn’t have to speak,

because our fingers intertwining,

or our arms wrapping around each other,

or our eyes locking,

or even hearing each other breathe,

it was enough,

and every time we spoke excitedly to each other,

about things that we were interested in,

and every time we dreamt out loud together,

and every time we lost track of time,

but didn’t even really mind,

because no time spent together ever felt wasted,

and every time we rested on the ground,

watching the clouds,

or the people around us,

and every time we’ve wandered off together,

without any worries,

and every time things came crashing down,

all around us,

but we only held onto each other tighter,

because we’re the only thing,

that always felt natural,

and warm,

and real,

without fail.

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