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Dear, don’t you worry
The path of life is not always sunny
There might be hurricanes and storms hazing your way
But don’t let temporary hurdles ruin your day.


Darling, don’t give in to fear
For the family you have now, will always be here
There might be many clashes and confusions
But don’t let these lead to unnecessary delusions.


Honey, don’t you feel alone
Pages of your book are fragile but not torn
There might be days where you feel nothing but restless
But don’t let your mind get taken over by stress.


Baby, don’t let yourself feel left out
Life’s too short to live it with doubts
There might be people who would judge and bring you down
But don’t let strangers be the reason for your frown.


Sweetheart, don’t give up so easily
Wait patiently, and life will change completely
There might be times when you feel nothing but low
But don’t let yourself get impatient, for in time will return your oh so familiar glow.

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