February 11, 2016

I know you hate the way your waist curves,
The arms that are strong from of trying.
I know you hate the shape of your legs
And the eyes that are red from crying.
But before you look in the mirror,
To tell yourself you’re not worth it,
Close your eyes and back away
Because to me, you are perfect.

I know you think you’ll spend your life alone,
Waiting for the right one to come along.
I know you think no one could ever love you,
But I promise you, you’re wrong.
Someone will fall so in love,
And to them you’ll be worth it.
Someone new will love your spark,
And to them, you’ll be perfect.

I know you think you’re not beautiful,
That you won’t ever reach the stars.
But every time I look at you,
I see a girl who could go far.
So throw away the mirror and makeup,
Because the natural you is worth it.
So show your colors, smile again,
I promise you, you’re perfect.

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