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i love you more than the boy that showed you the stars
dancing in his backyard
i love you more than god loved all the humans,
maybe even more than moses loved his goats-

can you feel my heart grabbing at yours
tugging and pulling and reaching out to hold it
so maybe the loneliness would become a little less worrisome,
so maybe the ache it beats out
will disappear?

listen, you are beautiful
but only to me.
the lady across the street said your nose was too big
and i laughed because it's true
but you're still beautiful

maybe that's what love is supposed to mean, supposed to feel like-
i feel you running a marathon against the light years
inside of my bones
and it is weighing me down so heavily each of my steps
becomes an avalanche,

but your hand still fits into mine
like the hummingbird suckles a flower-
so gently, so flowing
we become a river
that stretches from the amazon to the great barrier reef,
a stream that is constant and ferocious
and filling.

touch me as you do
with your fingertip painting picasso across my stomach-
you are my beauty, my lover, my home
and i will never let go

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