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Independence Day

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It's Independence Day
And oh Momma,
We ain't celebrating right-
In your hand is a beer can
Almost already empty,
One beer-
Two beers-
Go ahead.
But Momma,
It's Independence Day
And you're up to your old drinking games,
Downing a bottle of cheap wine
Plus a six-pack of the beer that reaks like skunk piss
We ain't celebrating,
But Momma, you sure are
With a beer can in one hand
And a firey cigarette in the other
You're laughing about nothing,
Being too loud and too touchy,
Oh Momma,
What are you celebrating
On this Independence Day?-
Because you sure ain't as independent as you'd like to think,
Depending on the f***ing alcohol
As if it'd do you more good than taking your eight kids
To see them pretty lights in the sky,
Making their night,
But Momma,
You think you deserve more than eight kids,
When you say this,
It stabs my heart,
As if we ain't good enough for you,
As if we are your problem.
But Momma,
You don't see how independent we can be,
On this Independence Day,
Buying ourself smores
And taking care of one another.
At times it may seem we don't need you,
But Momma,
On this Independence Day,
We need you.
Sober and happy,
Forget your sorrows,
'Cause Momma,
We ain't so independent without you,
On this Independence Day.

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