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i wrapped myself in safety tape
but then i remembered
that you have always
found a thrill in danger.

you're a child
toying with a devil
and i am the grand canyon;
you play on my cliff
and i pray to the god
i don't believe in
that you will never fall.

i hate that you care
because i wish no one did;
i'm stuck in my own head
where you're at the door
but i can't get myself
to get out of bed.

your touch is what
comforts me
but i know that
skin renews itself
every twenty-eight days
and i scrub myself red
so my body loses all trace of you;
yet as soon as i'm done,
you take me in your arms again.

i close my eyes
and kiss you
while planning my death
but then i see your eyes
and i remember their intents
cause i chain weights to my feet
and jump into the water
but you're always
at the ocean floor
to pull me back to
the surface;
i hope for a wave
to wash me back
but you're just
too good at swimming.

i may have a sparkle
in my eye when i see you
but all that glitters
is not gold;
i am made up of bronze
and you deserve silver
that i cannot give you.
i'm so happy
but i'm so sad
that you stick around.

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