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Elevator Tunes

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Her mouth is tied with the wires of stitches-
Pulled together to form a thin line,
A line so strong,
No single person has had the courage to break it;
To hear what her beautiful voice has to say-
For it must be beautiful to go with such a pretty face,
Even with the ice droplets sliding down her pearl soft cheeks.
She is beautiful-
Just listen,
Listen to how she hums those sweet melodies through those wires
Instead of muffling out cries.
She wants to be heard,
Yet she is too afraid that no one is listening-
Oh, why won’t anyone listen?
So she hums her elevator tunes-
A sound stuck on repeat
That everyone has chosen to ignore;
Walking by,
Not even taking a glance,
But if they did-
They would see the way her blue eyes light up
With screams-
Screams of pleas;
Shouting out “Won’t anyone listen to me?-
Can’t you see the tears?-
See the scars?
Can’t you see the claws of my nightmare-
Tormenting me?
Why won’t anyone just listen?”
Those blue eyes scream pain-
They hold back words needed to be said-
Needed to be heard.
Yet she is too afraid,
Afraid to cut those wires from her lips
And utter the “I’m scared.”
The “Don’t leave.”
And the “I love you.”
…They do not see the screams;
They only hear the elevator tunes.

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