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The Wrecked Ship

The wrecked ship
Sunk to the bottom of the sea
A carcass of wooden splinters
A home to fish
And marine
Skulls litter the floors
Like plastic on the shore
A corpse floating in the water wind
Skin eaten away
Rusting metal
Cracking paint
Drifting away on the gentle tide like clouds
Like the souls loosened
From dead captains
Lost at sea, never to return
Salt water corrodes the wood
The sand shifts under the whale
The whale of sunken dreams
Tears of newly-wed wives
Of mothers
Wrinkled and grey
Shrouded in mourning black
With sunken eyes, starved
And the little girl and little boy
With tiny hands and scraped knees
Kneeling by the bed
Little eyes closed off to the cruel world
And the reality
And of the storm outside the windows
Raging on
With wind howling louder than a werewolf
The unmentioned killer
Their hands are clasped together
And they pray to a god
That no longer exists
“Per favore,” they plead
“Prego, lasciate che mio padre sia sicuro. Lascia che lui torna a casa. Si prega di dio, per favor. »
Little tears stain their faces
Drops of diamonds, worthless now
Falling and crashing onto the bedspread
Like how the hull crashed against the rocks
And stained it red with sorrow
Their mothers pray
In the next room
Same feeling, different words
Both bodies are shaking
Quivering with fear
Please, let their father be okay
Let papa be safe
He’s not safe, and he won’t be coming home
Not anymore
Just like the ship
Crashed and wrecked
Never to return to its port
Slumbering and dead below the tumultuous waves
The storm above is its killer
No il mio bambino
Il padre non sara tornata a casa
Padre e morto
Egli ha annegato
Come la nave
The wrecked ship

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