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Drama Class

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Why do you take drama?
It’s a waste of a subject.
It’s probably for the easy A,
Or to have a period that
That you can waste away.
Drama won’t make you a doctor
Or a lawyer, or engineer or teacher
But like Miller says, it will make you a better one
With a whole new feature
Actors are empathetic,
They climb into people’s shoes,
No matter how hard the shoes are to wear,
Or even if they leave you, gasping for air,
Actors need an escape, they need a new shoe,
to become somebody else, to become somebody new,
I become a person that I wasn’t before,
It gives me the opportunity, to go on and explore
I am Macbeth, I am Tinkerbell, I am a pauper, I am the king, I am Jeremy
I am the father of the gay boy that was murdered in Laramie,
When the lights go down,
And I wear different shoes,
I can be whoever, whoever I choose.
It’s not like Chemistry, or math, or English or law
There is a fourth wall,
And under it is hidden, my every flaw
Like tinted windows,
Seen through by the audience,
But never by the actor,
But it doesn’t teach you moles, evolution or how to factor
Actors are empathetic,
We feel what you feel,
And we express it in a form,
That can help amend and heal
When the house lights go down,
And the stage is lit up,
My whole world becomes a play
I am Giselle, I am a mouse, I’m your best friend, I’m your spouse
I’m everyone but me,
I live a fantasy
I take drama to get out of my cage,
And the standing ovation, when I get off the stage,
I take drama because I need it,
Just like air, I’ll admit,
Actors are empathetic,
Give them your shoes,
And they will wear them all day,
No matter how big they are, no matter how much they weigh
Actors are empathetic,
We cry when we watch movies,
Because we become so immersed,
Even if it’s just actors, well-rehearsed
Actors are empathetic,
We feel the acid on our faces,
Like the women from Afghanistan,
In Iraq, in Iran, in Somalia, in Pakistan,
Actors are empathetic,
But when we have to leave the room,
It’s almost like nothing occurred,
But we know inside, that something has stirred
Art can be an example- an example or a warning,
It can be pitch black or as bright as the morning,
In drama class we are family,
Although that’s cliché,
Drama class is home,
And there I go, to play.
Actors are empathetic,
Poetic, energetic, and athletic
Actors are empathetic,
And like the poles in physics,
Our pull is magnetic

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