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The interview

First thing the interviewers do to you is offer you candy.
You take a piece--- just a small little one
you pop it in your mouth and
roll the tin foil wrapper into a little ball.
you look at it and slowly place it on the desk,
not daring to look up.
you must prepare some courage to answer the gazes held at you.


The interviewers have asked you a question, but
your mouth is too dry to speak.
The piece of chocolate has lodged itself on the roof of your mouth,
choking you with its sickly sweetness.
For a brief moment, you feel as though you want to scream, yet
all that you hear
is the silence of fear
as you grapple with clearing your throat of the black syrup,
your mind
racing to think of a response.

Moral of the story: Don't take anything from your interviewers. ANYTHING(Unless its water)

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