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There are somethings in this world that don't make sense

my mom told me to protect myself
by carrying a knife with me at
all times when i’m out drinking with
friends at 2 in the morning
but she never told me how to protect
myself from my own knife
when i was told to get down on my
because i wouldn’t accept their drinks
inside or go home with them
at 12 years old
my grandmother warned me
about the dangers of accepting drinks of
men in the clubs
but she never warned me about
what would happen if i didn’t accept
the drinks

there are somethings the media
will tell you about but
the mention of a girl
who cries herself to sleep after she
tries to scrub off any
remembrance to that night off
of her flesh will not be
in any magazine or interview

my own dad can’t even look into my
eyes any more;
the same dad who told me he
would shoot any boy
who did his little girl harm;
seems like i’m not the little girl
in pigtails anymore

my health teacher warned
us about the dangers of sex
but who are we to think that
it would ever be forced upon

my best friend told me
the story about the girl who
got abused right in her own home;
and to think i would keep my windows
and doors unlocked
(then again, no one who loves me
would hurt me. right?)

maybe that’s what that girl thought too
before; she doesn’t look like she’ll be
any better soon; misplaced trust hurts the

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