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Twas yesterday I was prepared
To fight a tiger with its teeth bared.
The day before I was bored at home;
I prepared myself to conquer Rome.

The tiger, no, I couldn't find it.
Not in Siam or even China.
For a battle I'd prepared
But was destined now to fake uncare.

And about Rome, those two days back.
I'd prepared myself to bravely attack.
But when I arrived I found a sad fate--
For I was years and years too late!

But do not fear; I have learnt my lesson,
And thus not sunk into the pits of depression.
See, tigers and Rome are limited subjects;
So from now on I must seek greater prospects.

This morning I feel quite strong and fresh--
Yes, truly now I am at my best.
I plan on traveling 'cross the Milky Way
To Andromeda and back--should be quite a day!

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