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i am a natural disaster and i think you should be running scared

i feel absence
like knives dug between my ribs
pressing pushing breaking breaking always breaking
so that every breath stings and burns
and maybe i am hoping for a day
when they finally
come out the other side
lost battles do not scare me
my nails stain red
my lips bleed blue
i am a corpse
and i have come for the war
iron and salt are sweeter than wine
and stronger than absinthe
my drunkenness comes
from my own bloodied hands
the walls around me are smooth
and my fingers are
bruising from escapes
but the warden calls me pretty
i never thought it would be so hard
to be one
people once told me
to never love a wild thing
that the wolves i long to hunt with
could tear me apart
with fangs and claws
as easily as you tore me with smooth, cold hands
skin from muscle, bone from nerve, heart from cage
i must be far more wolf than girl
than anyone could have imagined

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