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The Path of Fictional Reality

As we begin on the road we take
many make the same mistake
We place our hands over our eyes
From there, the road becomes a twisted line
This is where reality turns blind
and imagination becomes the guide
Relying on the senses that remain free,
we hear, we taste, we smell, we feel, we don't see
The “gravel” beneath our bare feet
leaves a bitter sting, makes us feel defeat
We hear the other path takers' stories
And though caring is love, it's also a dark sea
A voice we silence whispers oh so deep
“Darling, watch out for the tangling trees!”
But with our hands we tie the branches
like knots around our bodies, our heads
Every ounce of time is another problem
Every word spoken is another offense
A voice we formed in our minds yells,
“Stagger! Stumble! KEEP ON RUNNING!”
With bleeding feet and hearts of ruin,
the hour glass drops its final grain of sand
We stumble off the path we knew and hated,
removing our hands from where we placed them
Looking back on all we never knew we had,
we see a path of diamonds, now stained red

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Luv4Ever said...
Jun. 27, 2014 at 7:34 am
A few major meter issues but i love the end the best. great show of emotion, keep it up
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